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Diagnosed with Lymphangioma immediately after birth.
All I could do was listen and follow
what the doctors told me

The Matayoshi Family Story
Interview: May 2018

I noticed that my daughter was breathing strangely with her tongue coming out. We went to see a doctor and she was diagnosed with Lymphangioma.

She was born in Kumamoto but moved to an ICU in Fukuoka. But there was no hospital which could treat her afterwards, so we had to move to the National Center for Child Health and Development Hospital in Tokyo.

She had a tracheotomy when she was a month old. However, she couldn’t be treated for Lymphangioma treated until she was one, so I learned how to suck phlegm and we stayed at home.

While she was being treated at a hospital located in Tokyo for three months, we stayed in a place which was not easily accessible from the hospital. I used to go to the hospital around noon and stayed with her until around 7pm. I used to go home totally exhausted everyday.

I had no idea at all about our future. Instead of worries, I was constantly wondering about “where to go from here.” All I could do was listen to what the doctors said.

Then we moved to Chiba Prefecture. We couldn’t make a day trip from there to hospital anymore so we started using the RMH Setagaya. My first impression was only a surprise, “how clean it was at such a reasonable rate.” I was happy to talk with other mothers whose children were also in the hospital. It is very convenient that we could go to the hospital whenever needed.

She is in good condition and looks happy every day. We need to see a doctor once a month and have a surgery once in every three to four months, but I hope she will continue to grow cheerfully as she is now.


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