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FAQ Staying with us

  • I want to stay at a House. How do I apply?

    Please apply by directly calling the House you would like to stay at. Requests by email or fax will not be accepted. Please note that we unfortunately will not be able to provide accommodation if all of the House rooms are filled.

  • What do I need to bring with me for my stay?

    Click here to see the lists of items equipped with each House.

  • Who can stay at the House?

    Children at 19 or younger who are hospitalized or seeing a doctor regularly, and attending family members, will be accepted.

  • How much does it cost to stay at a House?

    ¥1,000 plus ¥210 for linens a day. No costs are required for the patients.

  • How long can I stay at a House?

    The period of the service is different by each House. Please directly contact the Houses.

  • Can patients at 20 or older use the facilities?

    Please be advised that only those at 19 or younger and their attending family can use our Houses.

  • Is the hospital within walking distance from the House?

    All Houses are located in the immediate area of a hospital and therefore are within walking distance.

  • How is a House different from a hotel?

    The Houses are operated by local volunteers, and therefore guests are asked to among other things clean their bedrooms after their stay and clean the common space. The Houses also prohibit alcohol and prohibit smoking in areas other than in the designated smoking rooms.

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