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Houses in the world

First RMH in the world

World’s first DMHs

It all started in Philadelphia in 1974. In Philadelphia, a 3-year-old daughter of an American football player, Fred Hill was struck with leukemia and had to be hospitalized. During his daughters’ hospitalization, Fred saw a mother lying right next to her child in a cramped room and a family buying their meal from a vending machine. Since his residence was far from the hospital,he was going through economic and mental distress. Therefore, he thought about the possibly of an accommodation facility nearby the hospital in order for the families to rest and relax, and with the help of the owner operators of McDonald’s restaurant nearby, doctors and his football team mates, a fund-raiser was organized. Many other people shared their wishes, and in 1974, a house provided by the Philadelphia newspaper company was renovated and the world’s very first ‘Ronald McDonald House’ was born.

More and more Houses are built around the world

Since the first House was born in Philadelphia in 1974, they are spreading throughout the world to bring the total to 375 Houses in 44 countries and regions as of January 2020.

Ronald McDonald House

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