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Membership support

Becoming a support member

The Ronald McDonald House is recruiting members to join the Hayaku Genkini Naare (get well soon) membership club to support the House operation.
Why don’t you join the membership to support the RMH?


All individuals who will support the House activities are accepted.
One year after the month you have become a member.
You can get a pins one newsletter from the House you support.

はやく元気にな~れの会 Hayaku Genkini Naare membership club

Each House is soliciting members for the HGN society.
Use the inquiry form below to ask for a membership application.

  • せたがやハウスRMH Setagaya
  • せんだいハウスRMH Sendai
  • こうちハウスRMH Kouchi
  • おおさか・すいたハウスRMH Osaka-suita
  • とちぎハウスRMH Tochigi
  • さっぽろハウスRMH Sapporo
  • ふちゅうハウスRMH Fuchu
  • 東大ハウスRMH Todai
  • なごやハウスRMH Nagoya
  • ふくおかハウスRMH Fukuoka
  • 神戸ハウスRMH Kobe
Memorandum of intent and membership rules
※The private information provided by you, including your address, name and telephone number, will be used to send the membership perks and make contact with you. We may also use the information to send brochure about the Houses.

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