RMH Fuchu

Number of bedroom:12
Hospital:Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Medical Center, etc.

Facility photos

  • Entrance Hall
    Entrance Hall
  • Living area
    Living area
  • Reception
  • Kitchen
  • Dining area
    Dining area
  • Restroom for wheel chairs
    Restroom for wheel chairs
  • Bedroom
  • Giving Tree
    Giving Tree

How to use

[Who qualifies to stay]
Families of children (have to be under 20) who are seriously ill or injured who are receiving treatment at an area hospital.
* For more details please contact to Fuchu House

Accommodation Fee

1,000yen/per person/per night
220yen for the linens/per person/per night

Room request process

Unfortunately, due to the nature of medical situation, we can never guarantee a family a room. We ask families to put in a room request by phone


The following items are equipped with.
・ Hair dryer
・ Laundry soap
・ Tooth brush

Access Information

Keyaki-ryo 1F 2-9-2 Musashidai, Fuchu-city Tokyo 183-0042



[By Bus]
Bus Stop at Musashidai 2-chome
From JR “Nishikokubunji Station” 3 min
(Bus service to Sougou Iryou Center )

[By road]
From JR “Nishikokubunji Station” 13 min

Wish List

RMH Fuchu

Alarm Clock Vacuum sweeper
Hair Dryer Light balls (LED)
Towels Washing liquidToilet rolls
Boxed Tissues DetergentsPouched sources
Pouched sources (curry source)Canned Food
Cupped NoodleTea
Bean-paste Soy-sauce
Salad dressing Salt
Copying Papers Packing tapesBatteries
Ink cartridges for PrinterStamps
GlueFabric Softener