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Care for Children, Including Their Families

[Photo]Chairman , Takashi Igarashi

Chairman , Takashi Igarashi

 When your child receives treatment for his/her illness at a hospital far away from home, the family's life changes completely. Hospital specialized in advanced medical care are often in big cities, not in the neighborhood, which put a lot of financial, mental and physical burdens on those families who accompany their sick children. To reach out to such families, we have Ronald McDonald Houses(RMH). However, RMH are not merely providing an accommodation.

 Families nowadays are smaller than they used to be, and our relationship with relatives is weaker when families need support. So what we need to provide those families is not only curing the illness of children but also cares for sick children and their families. At RMH, there is a “Peer Support” for mothers and families so they feel that they are not alone. People from the community volunteering at RMH will reach out to the families whenever they need a help. Ronald McDonald Houses are where the families can focus on accompanying and caring their children while feeling connection with the society. Ronald McDonald House Charities(RMHC) in other countries provide a study support for children who need long-term treatment in hospital and other supports for children who miss their siblings in hospital. Other RMHC offer a service to those families so they can reunite well after leaving the hospital.

 In Japan, we will strive further to develop Ronald McDonald House focusing on the philosophy of “Family Centered Care (Care including Family)”. We appreciate your continued support for RMHC Japan.

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