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Chairman , Takashi Igarashi


Care for Children, Including Their Families


When your child receives treatment for his/her illness at a hospital far away from home, the family’s life changes completely. Hospital specialized in advanced medical care are often in big cities, not in the neighborhood, which put a lot of financial, mental and physical burdens on those families who accompany their sick children. To reach out to such families, we have Ronald McDonald Houses(RMH). However, RMH are not merely providing an accommodation.


 Families nowadays are smaller than they used to be, and our relationship with relatives is weaker when families need support. So what we need to provide those families is not only curing the illness of children but also cares for sick children and their families. At RMH, there is a “Peer Support” for mothers and families so they feel that they are not alone. People from the community volunteering at RMH will reach out to the families whenever they need a help. Ronald McDonald Houses are where the families can focus on accompanying and caring their children while feeling connection with the society. 


In Japan, we will strive further to develop Ronald McDonald House focusing on the philosophy of “Family Centered Care (Care including Family)”. We appreciate your continued support for RMHC Japan.





Mission of the Foundation

Our mission is to offer children in the hospital and their families support to be able to live a better life.

To do so, we will contribute to the following;

  1. Support patients and their families by building/operating Houses
  2. ******Contribute areas that require welfare, medical fields, etc.
  3. Create a system that has society support medical care


At present, there are 140,000 children across the country suffering from intractable diseases and when the families of such children are considered, the number of people in distress is expected to be several times higher

When children are hospitalized, a huge burden is placed on their families such as an economic strain due to being forced to lead double lives between their homes and the hospital and emotional anguish from having to live apart.

To be able to provide even just a little support to such families, Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan was established to build accommodation facilities run by volunteers near the hospitals that the children are in where their families can spend some relaxing time with a feeling of safety.

Ronald McDonald House is an activity that is spread out globally with over 360 houses currently being operated around the world.
As shown above, the purpose of this foundation is to contribute to building a system that has society as a whole offer support for the burden that the families of the patients carry.

Family Centered Care

Family Centered Care (care centering on the family) is based on the philosophy that the highest value is placed on medical care that is offered from the viewpoint of helping patients, their families and the community and fulfilling their needs.

Ronald McDonald House plays an important role in supporting and promoting Family Centered Care. Although it is not our mission to provide direct medical care to children, DMHC enables family-centered care by supporting families throughout their healthcare journey. The accommodation and support that Ronald McDonald House offers children in the hospital and their families are not only beneficial; they are essential for effective medical treatment of high quality.


Name Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan(RMHC Japan)
Place Shinjuku i-land Tower 5-1, Nishi-Shinjuku 6 Chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 81-3-6911-6068
FAX: 81-3-6911-6198
Purpose The mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan is to contribute to pediatric care and family welfare by establishing and operating the needed low-cost accommodations near medical facilities to help support seriously ill children and their families, as well as to contribute to the establishment of a support system for Japan's medical care and welfare by providing help and promoting awareness to encourage volunteer activities in the medical field and welfare activities.
  1. 1) Develop and operate accommodation facilities for seriously ill children and their families
  2. 2) Help individuals and organizations who perform volunteer activities in the welfare, medical, and other such fields
  3. 3) Other projects deemed necessary to achieve the mission above
EstablishmentApril 1st, 1999
Main Government officeCabinet Office, Government of Japan

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