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Establishing a bright, promising future for our children

[Photo]Chairman , Masayoshi Yanagisawa

Chairman , Masayoshi Yanagisawa

Japan is currently in the midst of transforming its system for providing pediatric care. The issues that need to be resolved are too numerous to mention, including primary care, emergency medical care, highly specialized medical care, and neonatal intensive care. Under these circumstances, cooperation from the public as well as from medical personnel is paramount in order to help forge a bright future for children. Since its establishment in 1999, Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan has been building “Ronald McDonald House” accommodations for children suffering from illnesses and their families, implementing activities to aid and develop volunteers in the welfare and medical care fields, and contributing to building a new “volunteer culture”. The “Ronald McDonald House” program first started in the U.S., and currently is an increasingly necessary global program operating in approximately 42 countries worldwide. In Japan, Houses are currently accommodating families of hospitalized patients in Tokyo, Sendai, Kochi, Osaka, Tochigi, and Sapporo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Kobe, and we are also receiving numerous requests to build other Houses. These activities would not be possible without the support and cooperation of many individuals. We will put every effort into establishing a bright, promising future for as many children as possible. It is my earnest wish that your strong support will help the development of a new medical care culture: “medical care supported by the general public”.

Wider range of support is expected

[Photo]Chief Executive Director , Osamu Hirose

Chief Executive Director , Osamu Hirose

Eight Donald McDonald Houses have been opened in Japan over the past decade to provide a safe place for many families. I am confident the Houses are now an indispensable part of the domestic pediatric medical care system.
Still, however, there is much to be improved for the future of the system and the growth of our activities. Up to now, we have built and operated a DMH for family stay in close vicinity to pediatric hospitals and others that focus on mother and child care. Many families have voiced their gratitude to us while healthcare professionals and local governments have asked us to build another House in their vicinity. I feel the Houses have become an essential part of the healthcare system in Japan today. We intend to consider not only the House operation but also the entire pediatric care and provide support to the area where needed.
RMHC Australia which has a longer history than ours has, developed its own programs to meet the needs of the users, such as sending home teachers to hospitalized children or building a beach house for children in terminal care and their families. Following the foundations overseas, we in Japan also want to develop programs to help and solve the issues in the Japan’s pediatric care and provide a continued, wider support to the people. We also want to establish a system to allow volunteers from social welfare colleges to participate in our activities.
We will keep doing what we can do for those children fighting with illness. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to those who have cooperated and supported us. Thank you in advance for future support and cooperation.

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