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How to stay or support the House


Stay with Us

I would like to stay at a House. How do I apply?
Please refer to the web page on how to stay at Houses and apply by directly calling the House you would like to stay at.
Requests by email or fax are not accepted.
Please note that accommodation cannot be offered if all of the rooms of the House are occupied.
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When can I expect your answer?
You will be contacted 7 days before having to check into the hospital or 3 days before having to make visits. (Applications are not accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.)
What do I need to bring with me for my stay?
As the Houses are not hotels, the following items are not provided. Please bring them from your own home.
Toiletries (including shampoo and conditioner), pajamas, towels, hair driers
As the items available vary among Houses, please be sure to check.
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Who can stay at the House? Is there an age limit for patients?
Children (under 20 years old in general) who are hospitalized or visiting the hospital and family that are accompanying them will be accepted.
As detailed rules vary among Houses, please confirm the targets of each House for details.
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How much does it cost to stay at a House?
The price is 1,000 yen per person per day. A separate linen fee will be charged as determined by each House.
Patients can stay free of charge.
How long can I stay at a House?
As the period of the stay differs among Houses, please contact each directly.
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Is it within walking distance of the hospital?
All Houses are located right next to the hospital and can be reached on foot.
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How is a House different from a hotel?
(1) While staying at the Houses, visitors are asked to clean bedrooms and shared spaces that are used (kitchens, etc.) by themselves.
This is based on the management policy that “Houses are a home-away-from-home and should offer environments that are as close to everyday living as possible when staying”. The House also considers families that are staying to be members that support the House.
For such reasons, we would like to keep the House clean with the cooperation of everyone including the families that are staying. Your understanding and cooperation would be appreciated.
As cleaning tools are provided at each House, there is no need to bring your own.

(2) Please note that consuming alcohol and smoking are prohibited within the House.

Support Us

I would like to donate goods to the House. How can I do so?
Please be sure to contact the House that you are donating goods to before sending them.
The items listed in the Wish List on the web page of each House are what that House currently needs.
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How can individuals support the Houses?
In addition to volunteering and making donations (including that of goods), there are various ways that include online donations and donation boxes at McDonald's restaurants. Please refer to the support page. Spreading information via social media is also a great way to support the Houses.
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How can companies and organizations support the Houses?
1. Set up donation boxes
This is a method in which donation boxes are set up within companies and donations are managed and transferred regularly.
It is also a way that enables employees to participate in social contributions in a familiar environment and is expected to be a simple starting point.
Please contact the head office using the Contact Us form.

2. Matching funds
A fixed figure for monetary donations is set and the amount that is equivalent to that fixed figure multiplied by the actual numerical achievement is donated.
This method allows companies and organizations to comfortably participate on an ongoing basis.
- a. Matching funds for the amount of company sales (number of units, %)
For example, setting a 1 yen donation amount per unit sold would mean that selling 100,000 units will raise donations in the amount of 100,000 yen.
- b. Matching funds based on volunteer hours served by employees
If a company was to set a 1 yen donation amount per 1 minute of volunteer work served by an employee and 100 employees volunteered 3 hours per month, the company would donate 216,000 yen for the entire year.
c. Matching funds for internal fundraising
With this method, the company would set up donation boxes within the workplace to raise donations and the company would donate the same amount as the donation amount raised.
This is also a good way to enhance the employees’ sense of participation in fund-raising (social contributions).

Click here to see the various ways to offer support.
Are donations tax deductible?
As Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan is a public interest incorporated foundation, making donations offers tax advantages for corporate tax and such.
Individuals and companies can make donations to the Foundation to receive a donation deduction on tax returns.
In regard to income tax of individuals, a choice can be made between income deduction and tax deduction. In regard to corporate tax, this falls under donations to a special public interest promotion corporation.

Residents of the following areas are also eligible for donation deductions for individual inhabitant tax.
Prefectures: Tokyo, Miyagi, Saitama, Osaka, Fukuoka
Municipalities: Sapporo, Sendai, Fuchu, Saitama, Nagoya, Settsu, Kobe, Fukuoka, Niigata

How to file tax return
When filing for tax return, the following documents will be required.
- Receipts issued by the Foundation
- Copies of certificates relating to tax deductions

For details, please refer to the website of the National Tax Agency.
When donations are made (National Tax Agency)
I want to volunteer at a House. What should I do?
Please directly contact the House where you would like to volunteer.
You will be able to start participating as a volunteer after attending a volunteer briefing session held at the House and registering as a volunteer. Volunteers are generally asked to participate three hours at a time every two weeks.
Are there any age restrictions for volunteering?
Volunteers should be the age of high school freshmen and above.
Those younger than this can participate if accompanied by their guardians. *Some activities excluded
Please contact each House for details. Volunteer

Contact Us
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using this form.