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"Thank you for your donations!"
We received a message from a RMH user.

RMH is 100% funded by donations and the various support of a lot of people. RMH is a facility that provides a place for families where they can stay and truly feel at ease for a reasonable price of 1,000 yen per night, which helps lighten financial and emotional burden on hospitalized children who are fighting illness every day and their families who support them. There are 11 RMHs nationwide (as of September 1, 2021), located adjacent to children’s hospitals to provide easy access to those hospitals.

RMH has been used by many families. Please see some of the messages from our users.


receipts will be issued which will be deductible on your tax return


One time (each time) donation

You can support us at any time that is convenient for you. You can make payment by either: (1) credit card, (2) money transfer after downloading and printing out the donation form below, filling it out, mailing or faxing it to us. You can support specific RMH.


Monthly support
(continuous monthly support)

You can start continuous monthly support from a minimum of 300 yen. You can make payment by either: (1) credit card, (2) money transfer after downloading and printing out the donation form below, filling it out, mailing or faxing it to us. You can support specific RMH.


Continuous annual support
(once a year)

Your continuous annual support will be a great help to us. You can pay with your credit cart. You can provide continuous annual support for a specific RMH, such as RMH located in your local area. You can donate as many units as you like, so you can select and support specific RMH.

Monthly support (continuous monthly support)
Credit card Online Donation Application Form - credit card payment
Continuous annual support (once a year)
Credit card Online Donation Application Form - credit card payment

Monthly Support Supplementary Information

*You are free to change the amount of your monthly donations or discontinue the support at any time.
Please call our toll-free number at 0120-336-786.
(Please note that due to administrational reasons, we may not be able to process your request in time within the following month.)
*We will send you the receipts (altogether for the full year) for your tax return in late January to early February in each year.
(Applicable period: all payments made to RMHC between January 1 and December 31)


receipts will not be issued

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Support members

We are welcoming new members of "Support Group", who will be supporting the activities of RMH.
Would you like to join us as a supporting member of RMH across Japan?
Please read the "Support Member Rules" below, select the House you would like to support on the inquiry form, and request a membership application form.

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McDonald's in-store donations

Did you know that there are donation boxes in front of cash registers at McDonald's stores to support RMH? If you see a cute donation box, please contribute! Using a coupon with a donation is also a great way to help children and families suffering from illness.

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Yahoo! internet fundraising

You can easily make a donation with your T-Points. Donations start from 1 point with T-Points, and 100 yen with credit cards. You can choose either “one time only” or “continuous monthly support”.
Please read the notes on the entry form and fill in the necessary information before applying.

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SoftBank "Tsunagaru Bokin”

Smartphone users can make donations along with their mobile phone bills or with T-Points. Donations can be made to RMH via SoftBank Mobile.
Donations can be made by credit card if you are a non-SoftBank smartphone user.

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au Easy Payment (SMS)

You can make a donation along with your au WALLET points and mobile phone bills via au Easy Payment. Click here on your au mobile. An SMS screen opens, so send this screen as is. After sending it, tap the URL automatically sent back to you, and follow the procedures to complete the donation.。

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J-Coin Pay "Pochitto Bokin”

Donations can be made to RMH using the J-Coin Pay app. After clicking the donation icon of the app, select donation project - "Ronald McDonald House" from the list, and enter the amount of donation and your message in the project summary.

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BOOKOFF "Kimochi to”

"Kimochi to” This is a donation scheme where assessed value of discarded articles becomes the amount of donation. Items subject to this scheme include books, CDs, DVDs, games, toys, hobbies items, brand-name goods, jewelry, and small household appliances. These items will be reused and the assessed value will be donated to RMH along with your feelings.

Way to DonateDonation TypeDetail
Support members Continuous annual support (once a year)
  • Japan Post Bank Transfer *Please send an inquiry to the House you would like to support.
McDonald's in-store donations One time (each time)
Yahoo! internet fundraising One time (each time)
or Monthly
Softbank"Tsunagaru Bokin" One time (each time)
or Monthly
au Easy Payment(SMS) One time (each time)

*A lilnk page will open on your au mobile phone.

Make donations along with your mobile phone bill

au WALLET Points

J-Coin Pay"Pochitto Bokin" One time (each time)
BOOKOFF"Kimochi to." One time (each time)

Support Member Rules

Members: Individuals who support the Ronald McDonald House.
Membership fee: 3000 yen
Period: 1 year from the month of enrollment
● Membership Benefits
・Upon joining, you will receive a special pin shaped as RMH logo
・Distribution of newsletters and information that shares activities of RMH
Prospectus and Membership Agreement (PDF)
*We will use your personal information (address, name, telephone number, etc.) when we send you membership benefits or contact you; we may also use it to send you information about RMH.

Donation of goods

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We ask for donation of consumption goods for RMH as many people stay at out facilities. Please see the Wishlist and contact each house directly if you have any items to offer. The list can be found on each house’s webpage.

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Heartful Cart

We are engaged in an activity where we carry daily necessities for hospitalized children and their accompanying families on Heartful Carts and distribute them free of charge at hospitals. We would like to ask for your support as cart sponsors or goods sponsoring companies/organizations who will provide financial support for RMH operation or donate goods distributed to accompanying family members.

Gratitude Tree

Gratitude Tree

The entrance hall of each house is decorated with "Gratitude Tree" to express our gratitude to those who have made donations. We display the names of supporters whose annual donation is 100,000 yen or more for individuals and 200,000 yen or more for corporations and organizations.

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Family Story

The guests of RMH come from far away, sometimes from overseas, with a variety of thoughts and hopes. This family story tells us importance of families spending time together and how we can support them in ways each of us can contribute.

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