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Artist Tatsuya Ishii visits RMH Sendai

December 11, 2012

On 25th November 2012, Tatsuya Ishii, who is very popular artist in Japan and always supporting Ronald McDonald House, held his talk show at RMH Sendai. This was the second visit RMH since he had visited RMH Osaka-Suita in 2005.


At this time, this talk show was held for patients and their parents who had stayed at RMH before. He sent strong messages for children who are fighting against their illness and their parents supporting for their child with his experience in childhood.


At the end of his talk show, we performed his song “hihamatanoboru( rising sun)”  which is written by himself. His beautiful song cheered up everyone at RMH Sendai.



Lastly we took memorable photo with him. 128 people participated this talk show to see him, thanks for his support. We all spent happy time and RMH Sendai was filled with big smile from children.


We really thank you to Tatsuya Ishii and his constant support to us.