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Support from the ventriloquist “Ikkokudo”

July 26, 2012

On 21st July, Ikkokudo, who is very popular ventriloquist in Japan , held his charity event at Sendai House which was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Even now, many families from the disaster stricken area use Sendai House, and under this situation, the families have to face their child’s illness everyday. To cheer up illness children and their families, we sent a letter to Ikkokudo, then he accepted to visit our house and we planned the charity event.The day he came to our house, 152 people were waiting to see his performance. He performed wonderful ventriloquism in front of patients, families from disaster area and volunteers supporting these families. He used such ventriloquism dolls as called “shisho”, “the bird of Sattle・Seattle・Tonderu” and “ Kichizyouzi”. All the time, Sendai House was filled with a lot of big smile from children and the families.

After his charity event, he said “ I was so glad to see children’s happy smile with a lot of fun!”

This charity event was planned by the local volunteer group organized by the students at Tohoku Welfare University and Tohoku Academy College. No doubt that this event was full of hand-made warmness. People who joined this event donated to the house and the total amount was 241,700yen. This was donated to RMH Sendai for the operation.

We thank you to all the people who supported us, Ikkokudo who done this event by charity.