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Ronald McDonald House held a Symposium !!

December 14, 2012

Ronald McDonald House Charities hosted a symposium titled “Are Japanese Children Happy? How Should the Society Be to Ensure People Can Have a Dream of Giving Birth to and Rearing Babies?” in the Sanjo Conference Hall, the University of Tokyo from 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 21.





We  invited Mr. Junichi Ishida, the actor who had become a father only 17 days ago, and Ms. Yoriko, singer song writer who battled against childhood cancer, as guests, to discuss about the present pediatric care situation and other topics with Dr. Iwanaka from the Department of Pediatrics, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo.


Mr. Ishida said he wanted to protect children’s health and safety, and secure a future in which children will be able to live in peace. To that end, he said the entire society must protect their health and safety and that adults must build the said future for children.







Ms. Yoriko talked about her fighting against a disease in her childhood and how her family supported her, and said she would continue singing to communicate messages of life. She also said how she and her family would have been grateful if the Ronald McDonald Houses’ support were available then and she would like to tell people about the Houses.






Dr. Iwanaka explained about how hard doctors including pediatricians are working to support medical services in general, especially young doctors losing their sleep to provide medical services, and expressed his wish that everyone in the society would understand the desirable manners of patients. He also said that female doctors need support for them to establish their positions as doctor while they have roles as women.


RMHC would like to understand the circumstances surrounding children and the present pediatric care situation, too, and continue to help families supporting sick children and wish our society will ensure children’s future be secure and in peace.


This symposium was held based on the idea of Ms. Rieko Zanma, a councilor of RMHC, who cooperated with us in planning, conducting and coordinating the symposium. We would not be able to hold the conference without her cooperation and are truly appreciate her support.







We are grateful that many people attended the meeting even though it was held in evening and wish to continue to hold such symposiums.