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Support from McDonald’s Franchisees

July 06, 2012

Supports from McDonald’s franchisees are necessary to RMHC. Many Ronald McDonald Houses in the world are getting big support from them.
In case of RMH Sapporo, all owners and employees in Hokkaido area are supporting RMH Sapporo in many ways.

For example, they contribute their time as volunteer. Some owners, who live in Kitami and Obihiro which takes 3 or 4 hours by car, come to the house regularly and clean outside of the house. In winter time, they remove snow which is a hard job and that is very helpful for us.

Sometime, they provide meal to the families. They cook “Curry rice” and “Beef bowl” (it is popular food in Japan), and also they plan BBQ party in summer! If the child is in the hospital and parents have to take care of him/her, they can only have a few meals or eat an instant food because they do not have enough time to cook. So there are many thank you messages from the families, and this is one of the most popular volunteer’s activities in RMH Sapporo.

Also, they always donate many things for the families like cleansers, seasonings and box tissues.

In the beginning of this year, they helped us by selling charity lotto, and also provide generous donation to RMH Sapporo. And these supports are really helpful. We are sure that this collaboration with McDonald’s Owner Operators leads RMHC not only to be more effective to develop the house, but also to enable families to care of their child with better situation.

Because of huge support from McDonald’s Owner Operators, we can always provide “Home Away From Home” for families to make them more comfortable. We always thank for the continuous support, and we are highly appreciated if we can always collaborate with McDonald’s to support illness children and their families together.