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Takeshi Ito of T-SQUARE visited RMH Setagaya !

November 18, 2013

On Wednesday, October 2, 2013, Takashi Ito of T-SQUARE visited RMH Setagaya . He has supported the House’s various activities and it was his 1st visit to the House.  He will advertise the activities of RMH at concerts to celebrate the 35th anniversary of T-SQUARE and came to see its facilities and activities with his own eyes.


He closely observed the kitchen, dining room and other common areas and bed rooms and carefully listened to our presentation after the house tour.

He stayed at the House for about an hour, gave us an autographed paper board,


let volunteers to be photographed with him,


and donated his money.

He remarked on this visit, “I now understand what the House is like and difficulties sick children and their families face.  I am glad to learn what I could not know only from the website and pamphlets”.

We would like to thank him for his visit and continuous support and wish his continued success!