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‘’ Okawarikun’’ visits RMH Todai

January 31, 2012

Baseball player Takeya Nakamura ( nicknamed「Okawari-kun」), who belongs to Saitama Seibu Lions , visited Ronald McDonald House Todai (RMH Todai) on 25th January 2012 .This is the second visit RMH since he had come to RMH Setagaya before last year. His visit was the first day that we start accepting families and it was the special and memorable time for the families who stayed at and volunteers working at that time..

‘’Okawari-kun’’ came to cheer up patients who stayed at other RMH and children whose parents are volunteering at RMH Todai. When he appeared, everybody was so excited, also Leo who is the Lions mascot , was very popular among children.
He said ‘’It is a very short time but let’s enjoy this special time.’’ ’He answered the questions from the children and he gifted both his sign and picture to each child, and also their parents seemed to be very glad with their child’s big smile.

After encouraging children, he also presented his baseball bat to RMH Todai that he actually used!! Also, he took off his baseball uniform which he was wearing and gave it to RMH Todai with his sign. It is no doubt that those gifts are displayed as treasure at RMH Todai.

Lastly we took memorable photo with ‘’Okawari-kun’’ and Leo.! RMH todai was filled with all of children’s happy smile.

Many thank you to ‘’Okawari-kun’’ and we all wishing his best baseball play this year!