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Donald McDonald House Sendai is doing fine!

March 23, 2011

Please accept our deepest sympathy and condolences to everyone who suffered losses and inconvenience from the Great East Japan Earthquake.
We sincerely wish a helping hand will reach out to all people still missing as soon as possible.

The earthquake also shook Aoba Ward, Sendai City where the Sendai House is located and caused damages such as objects falling off shelves.
Though electric, water, gas and telephone services were disrupted immediately after the earthquake, the House building suffered no major damage and all families staying the house survived unhurt.
Electricity and water services were resumed on March 14 in the House’s while it seems to take a little more time until gas supply will be restored. The House has resumed its operation while its users are enduing such inconveniences as no bath or air conditioning, and it is particularly at times like this that we are supporting families in the face of hardship.
The House has received a great deal of relief supplies from McDonald’s and many other companies and individuals and their warmth comes more straight to our hearts than ever.
The House staff will continue to work together to assist its users.
The Sendai House is doing fine!