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The Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity Ronald McDonald House Support Active Charity / Overview and Entry Procedure

July 23, 2019

Active Charity’s entry has finished.

Thank you for your support.


A donation of 200,000 yen or more will qualify to become an Active Charity runner (first-in-first-served basis). Only a limited number of Activity Charity applications is available.

■ Entry period
From Monday, July 22, 2019 10:00JST (first-in-first-served basis)

■ Entry method
Send the attached Active Charity Entry Form via email
Send to:donald_mcdonald_house_charities@yahoo.co.jp
※Please use the Entry form by downloading an Excel file from the link below.

↓”For 1 parson”download↓
Active Charity Entry Form for1

↓”For multiple(5 people or less) ”download↓
Active Charity Entry Form for multiple


■Active Charity entry procedure and screening process


①<STEP1>: Please note that sending entry forms before the start date & time will be processed as invalid.

②<STEP2>: Selected individuals will receive an email message on payment method.

③Applicants who did not receive an email message on unofficial confirmation in <STEP2> indicates that they did not qualify for interim confirmation. This will not change even with the donation payment; thank you for your understanding.


◎ Inquiries on Active Charity

Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan


◎ Other inquiries on Tokyo Marathon

Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity Official Website



Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan is a recipient program of the Tokyo Marathon 2020 Charity