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Privacy Policy

The official website (hereinafter called the “RMHC website”) of the Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan (RMHC) sets forth the privacy policy below (“Policy”), based on Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information (“Privacy Policy Law”).

Article 1: Definition

“Personal information” refers to the name, date of birth, or other information relating to a living person which can be used to identify a specific individual (including information that can be easily cross-checked with other information to allow identification of a specific individual).

Article 2: Information control

RMHC has established a personal information control supervisor role which strictly controls all acquired personal information in accordance with internal regulations that are based on the Privacy Policy Law and related laws. The office director will be responsible for the personal information control supervisor role.

Article 3: Clear specification of the purpose of use of personal information and the actual use of personal information

RMHC may obtain personal information while operating the “Ronald McDonald Houses”. When obtaining personal information, RMHC will clearly specify the purpose of personal information use, and will use the personal information only within the limits of the purpose of use that was clearly specified to the individual when obtaining his/her personal information. If the need arises to change the purpose of use, the affected individuals will be notified or an announcement will be posted on the website before the information is used. In that case, if an individual does not consent to that new purpose of use, RMHC will not use that individual’s personal information for that new purpose.

Article 4: Provision to a third party

RMHC will not provide any obtained personal information to any third party.

Article 5: Consignment of personal information

RMHC may consign personal information in order to process that information, after executing a strict personal information protection contract with business partners that have personal information protection measures in place.
In addition, if there is a request for personal information from the police, bar association, related hospital, or equivalent body, RMHC agrees to disclose personal information to such bodies only if RMHC determines that such request is legitimate and appropriate.

Article 6: Rights of the individual

Provision of personal information to RMHC is voluntary. An individual can choose to not provide such information, but such refusal may create problems in an individual’s stay at the House or the activities performed by the volunteers.
In addition, any individual can request the disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information. Such requests should be directed to the RMHC office, which will provide information on the necessary procedures after verifying the identity of the requesting individual.

Article 7: Revision of this Policy

This privacy policy may be revised in order to protect personal information. The new policy will take effect after the revision is made. A separate notice will not be made when revising the policy.

For inquiries regarding personal information

Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan office Main switchboard number: 03-6911-6068 (9:00am to 6:pm on weekdays)
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Supplementary provision

This Policy will take effect from the date of registry of Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan inception.