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“Free Announcer Masako Shindo visits RMH Todai.”

April 04, 2012

Free Announcer, Masako Shindo visited RMH Todai on 28th March .Her visit was the day that she had picture-books-telling for children who are hospitalized at Tokyo University of Medical Hospital .It was her long dream to read a book for the children in the hospital, and she wanted to support RMH, so she chosen the hospital which is next to RMH. Some patients who listen her story-telling have severe sick, and also children’s age was different, but all the children were enjoying this time.

After picture-books-telling, she visited RMH Todai where is the newest house in Japan., which opened this January ! And she visited with her husband who is a professional golfer, Keiichiro Fukahori. They seemed to be impressed with brilliant and beautiful house’s appearance. She visited RMH Osaka-Suita before, so this was her second visit.

She said “I will support RMH Houses in many ways which I can do.“ that made us warm and happy from our heart and this is a big support to RMHC.